Ice Storm

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Today tiny icicles hang from the swing-set like clear beads dangling from a lampshade. Every tree, every fence post, every rooftop shimmers like glass. On a nearby hill, the tall, slender white pines bow toward a stand of silverstruck maples.  They take up a graceful dance to the wind’s eerie music.  They clatter like a string of Christmas lights hitting the hardwood, their limbs encased in icy coats.  I don’t ever recall seeing or hearing anything quite like it.  It is both intriguing and eerie.  I wonder how many branches will break under the weight of the unwanted burden.

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Staying Focused

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Today our friend Sam comes out for a visit.  He’s a well-read man who’s knowledgeable about any number of subjects.  The thing he likes best, besides reading, is shooting… targets, not living things.  So today Sam brings targets, ammo and pistols with him.  He wants to share his passion with our two daughters.  His own daughter is grown and gone and I suppose Sam enjoys the pseudo-parental role he’s playing today.

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