Church in Ruins

Ireland 555
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Today I realized I never posted anything to my blog in May or June. Not that it matters.  I have no followers.  I continue doing it anyway because it’s a good exercise in discipline, I paid for the sight, and I think I have something worthwhile to say that may, one day, be discovered by someone.

May and June just got away from me. I’m working now, which complicates things.  We had a family wedding the first weekend in May, and a rummage sale the second.  I worked the third weekend then hosted my daughter’s graduation party on Memorial Day.  Ramping up for the party was quite a job in itself, but to complicate matters we were flying to Ireland two days later.  So, there was housework, yard work, shopping, cooking, laundry, and a dog grooming.  There were dentist appointments, doctor appointments, last minute car repairs, and instructions for house/cat sitter.  There was printing out tickets, and last-minute banking and packing.  Finally, we were on the plane.

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