A Special Place

Photo Copyright: godponderings.com

Today I spend several hours in peaceful solitude at my special place.  Large outcroppings of granite bedrock, worn and smoothed by water and weather, overshadow the shores of a peaceful lake.  In the distance is the low rumble of a small waterfall that tumbles from the lake’s outlet. The spring greenery is laced with white chokecherry blossoms and the forest floor blooms with the promise of wild blueberries.

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April Showers & Mayflowers


Photo Copyright: godponderings.com

Today I enjoy the payoff for those April rains.  The mayflowers along my tree line are in full bloom.  Several spring bloomers go by the common name “mayflowers.”  In my childhood home we assigned this name to round-lobed hepatica.  I have only a few in my yard, but they’re thick in the woods behind my parent’s house.

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