Chasing Rainbows

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Today a blanket of gray-blue clouds slowly rolls east while the sun sinks on the western horizon. Diffused sunlight, my friend Larry calls it “God light,” pierces through the gray rain curtain and is diffused once again. We drive toward the rain, heading home from a long day, and watch the intermingling water and light paint a rainbow in the evening sky. It begins as only a partial arch, but gradually grows into a complete rainbow, a celestial overpass spanning the highway ahead.

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Independence Day

427Today I look forward to spending time with one of my old college roommates.  We lost touch for several years but recently discovered we only live about an hour apart.  So, she has invited the family to come and watch the fireworks from her back yard, right on the Fox River.

Today we celebrate our national independence, which is an excellent thing.  I consider the sacrifices so many made to escape the tyranny of an earthly king and establish a free nation governed by elected officials “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”  (Abraham Lincoln, The Gettysburg Address)  I wonder (in a good way) at the wisdom of those who penned our constitution, framing laws that would ensure the freedom of generations to come.

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